Favorite Restaurants Near TC

You may already be discovering restaurants, places to meet friends, or even study break spots. In addition to Grace Dodge Cafe downstairs and Starbucks by the library, here are some popular ones close to campus:

  • Apple Tree – closest 24 hour deli, produce, essentials – Amsterdam @ 120th St
  • Che Bella Pizza – across Amsterdam between 119-120th
  • Subsconscious – sandwiches, soups, salads – across Amsterdam btwn 119-120th (no seating)
  • Panino Sportivo Roma – paninis – across Amsterdam btwn 120-121st
  • Kitchenette – comfort food, bakery, popular breakfast – TC side of Amsterdam btwn 121-122nd
  • Lyla’s Cafe Creperie – just by Kitchenette
  • Max Soha – Italian – TC side of Amsterdam @123rd

Venturing out just a bit, three of my favorites are:

  • Pisticci – 125 La Salle St. – north of campus, an easy walk with a friend – yummy pasta, cozy atmosphere
  • Dinosaur Bar B Que – 646 W. 131st, near Fairway – very busy on weekends, lots of fun & great Southern food
  • Havana Central – 2911 Broadway @113-114th – Cuban, festive, sit outside and take in busy street scene

There are so many more nearby…feel free to add to the list!



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