Get ready for an exciting NYC weekend!

Make your plans now for this weekend…so many fun things in the city!

At least once, everyone should experience the Village Halloween Parade.  The costumes, puppets, makeup, theatrics, and yes, lewdness are not to be believed.  Of course it is Saturday night, and it begins at 7 pm.  Go early for a good spot (or dress up and get in the line-up!),  prepare to wait and to be amazed.  Find out the details here.

On a more wholesome note, the NYC Marathon is on Sunday.  All five boroughs are covered, beginning in Staten Island, crossing over into Brooklyn, up to Queens, over the Queensboro Bridge into Manhattan, going straight up First Avenue to 138th Street in the Bronx, then back down Fifth Avenue into Central Park, with the finish line near West 66th.  Whew, I’m tired just writing about it!  There are so many fun spots to watch and cheer people on.  Check out the spectators’ guide here.

Don’t forget you get an extra hour early Sunday morning…something we all can use.

Have fun and be safe,



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