Update for Fulltime Students

As we approach the end of the semester, we wanted to give you guidelines for completing your fieldwork.

Some of you have now finished ten weeks of logs.  Once your supervisor has confirmed that these are complete, please print them out with the comments, and make sure they are signed by your supervisor.

Even if you have not finished your 120 hours, ten weeks of logs complete that part of the certification requirement.  Continue logging hours and make sure your time sheet reflects your total of at least 120 hours.  That record should be signed by both your supervisor AND your cooperating teacher.  Then you can leave the logs and the time sheet in the envelope on Ellen’s door.

We want to ensure that we don’t just abandon the teachers and students once hours are complete.  Please fulfill the semester’s internship by returning to your classrooms through the week of December 7-11.  If you attend less frequently or for less time, that’s fine.  As soon as possible, let your teachers know when your last day will be.  Talk with your cooperating teacher about the best way to bring closure to your time with the children — they will want to say goodbye to you!

Thanks so much for all your hard work and your commitment to your placements.
Almost halfway there–congratulations!  🙂


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