Happy Thanksgiving!

In honor of the big day, we brainstormed some of our blessings, both big and small.

We are thankful for…

  • Literacy Specialist students who study, inquire, learn, collaborate, and teach so schools can be places of learning and justice
  • Literacy Specialist instructors and staff, who always go the extra mile for students!
  • friends and family, who make sure we don’t forget to laugh!
  • learning new ways to look at books and and make meaning in life
  • watching good teachers become amazing, confident teachers
  • school professionals, who teach all of us through their daily commitment to children’s literacies and lives
  • children and their stories–all of them!
  • those moments when a student (no matter the age!) says, “Oh, I get it now!”
  • children’s literature – so many choices!
  • my mother’s pecan pie recipe
  • getting to sleep late
  • Amtrak
  • the smell of Christmas trees for sale on the streets of NYC
  • black and white cookies from Nussbaum & Wu
  • the view of Low Plaza when standing at the top of the steps
  • Bethesda Fountain in Central Park
  • clementines
  • the trees glowing with lights at night on Columbia College walk
  • arriving just as the train or bus is about to leave
  • tea from Orens Daily Roast on Broadway
  • the pretty way the cityscape meets the sky as I look north at 120th St straight up Amsterdam towards Harlem
  • wonderful, thoughtful, dedicated students
  • and so much more…please add your thoughts!

And have a special Thanksgiving weekend, filled with gratitude and happiness!


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