End of Semester Reminders

Hi everyone,

Can you believe it?!  Here are some essential to-do items for the end of the semester:

  • Turn in your fieldwork time sheets (signed by cooperating teacher and supervisor).  Please make sure to total your hours and write in bottom left corner.  There is a space there, but it’s easy to miss.
  • Also turn in your ten logs.  Please print out supervisor’s comments and make sure they sign these as well.
  • Make sure you have completed and turned in all your assignments.
  • Complete online course evaluations.
  • Let me know any last minute preferences/thoughts for spring placements.
  • Return any borrowed books.
  • Register for spring courses.
  • Come to holiday party on Thursday night.
  • Check out some holiday festivities around town!

Almost time for a well-deserved break,


You’re Invited

Merry, Merry!  Happy, Happy!

All TC Literacy Specialist students are invited to our holiday gathering! Please join us as we celebrate the season, as well as your accomplishments!

  • Thursday, December 17th, from 7 o’clock to 10 o’clock
  • 109 Zankel Hall
  • Please RSVP to Mary at Coakley at tc.edu

We hope you’ll join us!

Registration Begins December 7th!

You may begin registering for spring courses on Monday morning, December 7th.  Refer to the online schedule.  Feel free to reach out to us for advising and approval.  Please send your TC ID# and the 5-digit CRNs along with the course number for approvals.

  • Fulltime and graduating students, check and double-check your credit numbers so they total 32.  Use your coursework planning sheet to guide you.
  • If you are taking C&T 4502 Masters Action Research Project, remember to register for 0 credits for the spring.
  • There is one section of HBSK offered this spring.  Please register early to ensure your place.

For part-time students planning ahead, these required courses will be offered Summer 2010:

  • C&T 4140 Lit for Younger Children – Summer A
  • C&T 4141 Lit for Older Children – Summer B
  • HBSK 4072 Summer B
  • various Institutes to fulfill in-department selectives

Shopping for out-of-department selectives? Browse this listing of ideas (just some of the many possibilities).  Remember one of your choices must be literacy related, and one credit courses are NOT accepted.  Out-of-dept requirements are also good choices for summer work.

  • ITSF 4011 Social Context of Education  3 credits Thursdays 1-2:40
  • ITSF 4013 Literacy and Development  2-3 credits  Thursdays 7:20-9
  • ITSF 4025 Language, Society, and Schools  3 credits Tuesdays 5:10-6:50
  • A&H 5010 Special Topics:  Image and Culture – 2/3 credits  Sat/Sun:  March 6 & March 7, March 27 & 28  9:30 am -4:45 pm
  • A&HA 4078 Art for Classroom Teachers  2/3 credits Wednesdays 7-9
  • A&HA 4079 Exploring Cultural Diversity  2/3 credits Wednesdays 7:20-9
  • A&HA 4096 Photography for Educators  2-3 credits  Thursdays 4:10-6:40
  • A&HA 5804 Museums as a Resource: Workshops at the Met or MOMA  Independent Study 1-4 credits
  • A&HF 4088 Popular Culture  2/3 credits Wednesdays 7:20-9
  • A&HG 5179 Making Sense of Censorship  3 credits Thursdays 3-6
  • A&HH 4199 Issues:  History of Education in NYC  3 credits Thursdays 5:10-6:50
  • A&HH 5076 History of African American Education  3 credits Mondays 5:10-6:50
  • A&HL 4000 Introduction to Linguistics  3 credits Thursdays 7:20-9
  • A&HW 4040 Women of the World Teaching Issues  2/3 credits Tuesdays 5:10-6:50
  • MSTU 4005 Equity, Ethics, and Social Issues in Education and Technology  3 credits Mondays 7:20-9
  • MSTU 4023 Cinema as Cross-Cultural Communication  3 credits Mondays 6:15-9
  • MSTU 4049 Technologies and Literacies  2/3 credits Mondays 5:10-6:50
  • MSTU 5191 Educational Video Production  2/3 credits Tuesdays 5:10-6:50
  • HBSE 4880 Opportunities/Outcomes for Persons with Autism  2 credits  April 16-17 and more online

Registration for Spring Semester

Registration begins Monday, December 7th.  I will be available in my office at 303B Zankel from 2-5 pm on Friday.  There will be a sign-up sheet by the door; you do not need an appointment.  I recommend bringing something to read in case you have to wait.  🙂

Happy weekend,