Summer Registration

We are beginning to field some questions about summer registration.  The schedules for both Summer A and B are available online. Although many of our courses are not offered during the summer due to their practical nature, there are still several great options, as well as additional elective possibilities:

Summer A  C&T 4140 Literature for Younger Children (see special dates on the schedule) – Ellen Ellis

Summer B  C&T 4141 Literature for Older Children – Mary Coakley

Summer B  HBSK 4072

C&T 4842 Content Area Institute  – offered July 12-22

C&T 5800  Writing Institute  – offered June 29-July 3 or August 9-August 13

C&T 4858  Reading Institute   – offered July 5-July 10 or August 16-August 20

For the Reading and Writing Institutes, you should apply right away on the Project website

You do not have to complete the essay on this application, but please note that you are a LITI student.  See Ellen to decide whether you should take the Advanced sections.  You will also need to register with TC.

TC registration for continuing students begins April 19th.  Especially for HBSK 4072, register early to ensure your place.

Check with Mary or Ellen if you have questions!


Please consider attending…

The Narrowing of the U.S. Curriculum, Despite What the American People Want and American Industry Needs.

A colloquium presentation and discussion by David C. Berliner
Regents’ Professor of Education Arizona State University

Dr. Berliner is a member of the National Academy of Education, and past president of both the American Educational Research Association and the Division of Educational Psychology of the American Psychological Association. He has co-authored The Manufactured Crisis, Putting Research to Work, and the text- book Educational Psychology, now in its 6th edition. He is co- editor of the first Handbook of Educational Psychology and the books Talks to Teachers and Perspectives on Instructional Time. His newest book, with Sharon Nichols, is Collateral Damage: How High-stakes Testing Corrupts American Education.

3:00 — 4:30 PM Tuesday, March 30th
305 Russell Hall.

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!

Even with the current NYC freeze, there are lots of job possibilities if you are flexible and especially if you are mobile.  Here’s a sampling of postings we have received:

  • Daniela Anello, a 2009 LITI graduate, is eager to recruit for several openings at her bilingual charter school in Washington, D.C.
  • KIPP New Orleans schools is looking for dynamic teachers to teach across all grade levels (K-9). Check in with Meg Lally to find out more.
  • Herndon, Virginia, near DC, is interested in hiring K-6 for their new reading/writing workshop school.
  • TCRWP staff developers have contacted us about schools in San Francisco and Atlanta that are looking for candidates with workshop experience.

Please contact us if you would like more information about any of these.  We’ll continue posting!

Here’s a spring-is-coming small moment to launch your break…

Walking along 5th Avenue, I spotted this cardinal couple shopping for real estate.  They lingered while a few of us gathered on the sidewalk to watch, our heads tilted back in admiration.  Finally the female bird flew off to check out another location;  we passers-by sighed and smiled at each other, then hurried back to our busy days.

Enjoy your time,


Certification Meeting

The certification information meeting on Tuesday will be in Grace Dodge 285.  Faride Suarez from the Teacher Certification Office will share procedures and answer questions.

Please join us from 4-5 pm.

Have a good week…spring break is almost here!