Summer Registration

We are beginning to field some questions about summer registration.  The schedules for both Summer A and B are available online. Although many of our courses are not offered during the summer due to their practical nature, there are still several great options, as well as additional elective possibilities:

Summer A  C&T 4140 Literature for Younger Children (see special dates on the schedule) – Ellen Ellis

Summer B  C&T 4141 Literature for Older Children – Mary Coakley

Summer B  HBSK 4072

C&T 4842 Content Area Institute  – offered July 12-22

C&T 5800  Writing Institute  – offered June 29-July 3 or August 9-August 13

C&T 4858  Reading Institute   – offered July 5-July 10 or August 16-August 20

For the Reading and Writing Institutes, you should apply right away on the Project website

You do not have to complete the essay on this application, but please note that you are a LITI student.  See Ellen to decide whether you should take the Advanced sections.  You will also need to register with TC.

TC registration for continuing students begins April 19th.  Especially for HBSK 4072, register early to ensure your place.

Check with Mary or Ellen if you have questions!


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