Volunteer Opportunity!

Do you have two hours each week to help a struggling child this summer?  Star Learning Center is a program of the Goddard Riverside Community Center and is located on West 84th Street.  We run a tutoring program all year and during the summer, and we serve children from low-income families living in all five boroughs.  The summer session runs from July 6 until August 13.  Each tutor is matched with a student, and you meet the same day/time each week for two hours.  Tutoring happens in a charming library stocked with countless books including a Leveled Library, tutoring resources, and many computers.  Read about us at: http://goddard.org/star.html

Anne Evans graduated from the TC Literacy Specialist program in 2008 and works as Star’s Educational Specialist.  There are many children enrolled for the summer program who are in desperate need of good literacy instruction.  Please send Anne an email if you are interested in learning more about the program:  aevans@goddard.org

PS  This would be a terrific addition to your resume!  EE


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