Out-of-Program Selectives Fall 2010

Shopping for out-of-program selectives?  You are required to take two courses to satisfy the breadth requirement of TC.  They can now be in C&T if they are not program requirements, or they can be in ANY other department.  The good news is there are lots of choices.   The challenge is that making a choice can feel overwhelming.  What you select really depends on your preferences and schedule.  One course must be literacy related; the other can be anything you like.  Look for 2 or 3 credit courses only.  You may also take courses at Columbia or Barnard if your schedule will accommodate them.

Fulltime students will take one or both of their non-program selectives in spring.  Part-time students should keep in mind that summer is a good time for these since most core classes are not offered during summer.

The following are not necessarily recommendations, but they are suggestions that are currently open for fall and do not interfere with both sections of core courses.

C&T 4021  Nature/Needs of Gifted Students Tuesday 3-4:40 pm  2/3 credits

C&T 4114 Multicultural Approaches to Teaching Young Children   Thursday 7:20-9 pm   2/3 credits

A&HF 4065  Media and Visual Culture   Wednesday 7:20-9 pm  2/3 credits

A&HF 4094  School and Society   Monday 5:10-6:50 pm  2/3 credits

A&HH 4076  History of Urban Education   Tuesday 7:20-9 pm  3 credits

A&HL 4000  Introduction to Linguistics   Thursday 7:20-9 pm   3 credits

MSTC 4043  Science and the Environment   Monday 5:10-6:50  3 credits

MSTM 4019  Mathematics teaching and Learning   Thursday 7:20-9 pm  3 credits

ITSF 4013 Literacy and Development   Thursday 5:10-6:50  pm  2/3 credits

ITSF 4050  Economics of Education   Wednesday 3-4:50 pm  3 credits

ITSF 4060  Latinos in Urban Schools   Monday 1-2:40  3 credits

ITSF 5023  The Family as Educator   Wednesday 1:30-4 pm  3 credits

HUDK 4029  Cognition and Learning   Monday 5:10-6:50 pm, also offered online  3 credits

HBSE 4006  Working with Families of Children w/ Disabilities  Thursday 7:20-9 pm  2/3 credits

HBSE 4871 American Sign Language  Tuesday and Thursday 7-8:40 pm   2 credits


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