To find out what textbooks are required for courses, you can click on textbook info on the class schedule.  It is a white oval directly under each course listing.  This will link you directly to the TC Bookstore website and show the textbook list.   You can also use whywaitforbooks.com, which connects with the bookstore for orders.  They will get your books ready for pick up.  Just be careful about ordering out of stock books as sometimes they take a really long time to come in, and you are committed to purchasing them there.

Of course, you can order your books from any supplier, such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc.  Just purchase required texts now–wait on recommended books.  Typically you will not have assignments due for the first class, but you will for the second.

The bookstore is located at the corner of 120th and Amsterdam.  Textbooks are upstairs and C&T is in the back.  There are also lots of good resource books for teachers downstairs. Educational games, classroom supplies, art materials, decorative items, more are available in an upstairs back corner.  And if you need your first Teachers College hoodie or sweats, this is the place!


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