It was great to see so many of you at the advisement meeting this evening.  Registration begins Monday, December 6, at 8 am.  To receive approval for LITI courses, please send us your student ID# beginning with T, the CRN numbers (5-digit number listed at far left on schedule) and the course number.  Send this information to one of your advisors by Friday early afternoon to be able to register on Monday morning.  Approvals are entered during regular business hours M-F, so they will not be entered over the weekend.  You do not have to reach out to individual instructors; you may request approval for all LITI courses at once.

I will visit this Wednesday night’s fieldwork class to answer questions or give group advisement.  I will also be in my office 303B Zankel 4-7 pm on Thursday, Dec. 2nd; come at 4:30 for a small group advisement.

Here are suggestions for out-of-program selectives.  To find others, simply shop through departments.  You may also choose C&T courses which are NOT part of our program courses. Remember all out-of-program courses must be 2-3 credits.

Spring 2011 Non-Program Selective Suggestions

  • C&T 4001 Differentiated Instruction and Inclusion in Classroom 3 credits Tuesdays 7:20-9
  • C&T 4114 Multicultural Approaches to Teaching Young Children 2/3 credits Wednesdays 7:20-9
  • C&T 4078 Curriculum/Teaching in Urban Areas 2/3 credits Wednesdays 5:10-7

▪ ITSF 4011 Social Context of Education  3 credits Thursdays 1-2:40

▪  ITSF 4025 Language, Society, and Schools   Thursdays 5:10-6:50

▪  HBSE 4000 Intro to Special Education  several sections, including online

▪  A&HA 4078 Art for Classroom Teachers  2/3 credits Wednesdays 4-6:40

▪  A&HA 5804 Museums as a Resource:  Met Workshop 1-2 credits Jan. 28, March 4, April 8, May 6 (all Fridays) – see schedule for info

▪  A&HF 4088 Popular Culture  2/3 credits Wednesdays 7:20-9

▪   A&HG 5179 Making Sense of Censorship  3 credits Wednesdays 5:10-8

▪   A&HH 5076 History of African American Education  3 credits Mondays 5:10-6:50

▪   A&HL 4000 Introduction to Linguistics  3 credits Thursdays 7:20-9

▪   A&HW 4040 Women of the World Teaching Issues  2/3 credits Mondays 5:10-6:50

▪   MSTM 5020 Mathematics & Multicultural Education 3 credits Mondays 7:20-9

▪  MSTU 4005 Equity, Ethics, and Social Issues in Education and Technology  3 credits Mondays 7:20-9

▪ MSTU 4024 TV & Development of Youth 3 credits Wednesdays 2:50-4:50

▪  MSTU 4049 Technologies and Literacies  2/3 credits Mondays 3-4:40

▪  HUDK 4029  Cognition and Learning 2/3 credits, several sections, including online sections

Save the Date!

Please reserve Thursday evening, December 16, 7-10 pm, on your calendars.  You will soon be receiving an invitation for our end-of-semester and holiday celebration.  We hope you will join us for a relaxing and festive gathering!

Advisement Meeting

There will be an advisement meeting on Monday evening, November 29th.  Please meet at 6:15 in Grace Dodge 179.  We will go over spring courses (there are some changes from the schedule), answer questions, and offer suggestions for non-program selectives.  You will be on time for your MARP class.

Full-time and part-time students are encouraged to attend.

Registration begins Monday, December 6.