Approvals for Registration

Most of our program courses require special permission.  This is certainly not to keep you out, but rather to ensure your admittance and keep sections balanced.  In honor of the December first grade unit, here’s a bit of how-to writing:

How to Register for Special Permission LITI Courses

1.  First, decide on your courses and sections.  The schedule is accurately listed online if you use My TC drop down box class schedule.

2.  Next, send your info to one of us.  We need your name, ID#, course number, and CRN (5-digit #).  You do not have to seek approval from individual instructors; just send us all the LITI courses together.

3.  Then, we send these along to Patricia Gabriel, our wonderful program administrator.

4.  After that, Patricia enters them into the system.  This only happens Monday through Friday, 9-5.  (So if you contact us on Friday night, your approvals will not be registered until Monday after 9 am.)

5.  Finally, you may register online.  Registration begins Monday morning at 8 am.

Extra tips:

You may not need special permission for out-of-program or out-of-department courses.  We cannot give those approvals, but you can contact the instructor.  We do like to look over your choices.  Please send us the names of courses so we’ll recognize them.

Remember one-credit courses are NOT allowed for out-of selectives.

Please let us know if you have any questions!


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