Happy Snow Day!

The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats



Application for Graduation!

Believe it or not, the application for May 2011 graduation is due Tuesday, February 1st.  If you plan to graduate this May, please pick up a green form in the Registrar’s office.  Fill out your courses and bring to any of us to review and sign.  Check your math to total at least 32 credits. You will hold onto the pink form until your MARP is complete.

If you have one or two courses to finish this summer, you may be able to petition to walk in commencement, even though you will not receive your diploma until October.  Talk to Marjorie or Ellen.  This petition must be filed by February 28.

I will be in my office on Tuesday or Wednesday between 5-7 pm if you’d like to stop by with your application.  Marjorie is available on Wednesday 4-5 pm.


Almost time!

Hi everyone, and welcome to spring semester!  We hope you had a relaxing break and that you are recharged and ready-to-go!

Classes begin Wednesday, January 19th.  Check the class schedule for room assignments or see recent listings posted across from the coffee shop (in the glass case on the left heading to the library).

If you are still considering out-of-program selectives, there are a few new options.  For example:

A&HA 4089 Tech Trends In Art Education
Section 002 Digital Storytelling (CRN 52088)
Wednesday 7:20-9:00 PM

This class examines the interactivity and narrative of digital media. By analyzing literature, films, video games and interactive artworks, we will look at the various forms of storytelling in relationship to memory and time.

Students will acquire production skills and understand the theories and specificities of digital media. This class will prepare students for incorporating different types of interactive media for artistic and teaching practices by way of introducing Photoshop, Final Cut, GarageBand, WordPress.

Instructor: Hua-Chu Yen, Ed.D. Please contact the instructor at hyen@tc.edu if you have any questions or would like to see the syllabus.

Look forward to seeing you soon,


Dates to Remember

Please mark these important dates for spring semester:

Tuesday, January 18 – New Student Experience/Orientation, Advisors available 2-7 pm

Wednesday, January 19 – Classes begin

Tuesday, February 1 – Last day to add/drop without penalty

Tuesday, February 1 – Last Day to file an application for Master’s degree awarded in May (pick up application in Registrar’s office and fill out green form, save pink form until MARP is complete)

Tuesday, February 15 – Last day to change points for spring classes

February 21-25 – NYC Public Schools Winter Break

March 13-20  TC Spring Break, no classes

Saturday, March 19 – Teachers College Reading and Writing Project Saturday Reunion

Monday, April 18 – Registration begins for Summer and Fall Sessions

April 18-26 – NYC Public Schools Spring Break, classes resume Wednesday, April 27

Tuesday, May 10 – Last day of classes

Tuesday, May 17 – Teachers College Master’s Degrees Convocations

Wednesday, May 18, 10:30 am – Columbia University Commencement, including TC graduates

We’ll be sure to post details of the most important dates!

In the meantime, Masters Action Research Project students please make sure you are registered for C&T 4502.  You will register for the same section and 0 points, but you do still need approval.  Contact Ellen with your TC ID#.

Happy New Year!

We hope you are enjoying your break…how nice to have two more weeks of it!  No doubt you are catching up on sleep.  According to your notes at the holiday party (thanks for a great turnout!), here’s what else you’re doing:

  • reading for pleasure
  • going to Florida to visit my grandma
  • catching up on some forgotten books and spending time with friends and family
  • going to Aruba
  • having time to spend with my fiance and my parents
  • enjoying NYC
  • going to all the free museums I get into with my TC ID
  • going to visit my former students–YAY! and spending time with friends and family in Tennessee
  • going to Israel
  • visiting my friend in Albany
  • catching up on Grey’s Anatomy
  • reading on the Kindle–mostly mysteries
  • spending time with family during a 5 day trip to Puerto Rico
  • going to Washington, DC and Philadelphia and celebrating my 26th birthday
  • reading on my Nook
  • visiting my mama and papa and sisters and brothers and horses and donkeys and cats and dogs and loved ones in Missouri
  • reading, watching TV, being happy, knitting, hanging out with friends
  • museums with TC ID, reading, watching The Wire and Carnival, making dinners with friends
  • reading for pleasure and catching up with friends
  • visiting my friend in Albany
  • taking lots of long walks
  • reading ahead for next semester–just kidding!!

Feel free to add more comments.  Happy 2011!