Almost time!

Hi everyone, and welcome to spring semester!  We hope you had a relaxing break and that you are recharged and ready-to-go!

Classes begin Wednesday, January 19th.  Check the class schedule for room assignments or see recent listings posted across from the coffee shop (in the glass case on the left heading to the library).

If you are still considering out-of-program selectives, there are a few new options.  For example:

A&HA 4089 Tech Trends In Art Education
Section 002 Digital Storytelling (CRN 52088)
Wednesday 7:20-9:00 PM

This class examines the interactivity and narrative of digital media. By analyzing literature, films, video games and interactive artworks, we will look at the various forms of storytelling in relationship to memory and time.

Students will acquire production skills and understand the theories and specificities of digital media. This class will prepare students for incorporating different types of interactive media for artistic and teaching practices by way of introducing Photoshop, Final Cut, GarageBand, WordPress.

Instructor: Hua-Chu Yen, Ed.D. Please contact the instructor at if you have any questions or would like to see the syllabus.

Look forward to seeing you soon,



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