Commencement Information

It’s not too early to begin making plans for graduation in May.  If you completed your coursework in August or December 2010 or you will complete it this May, and you submitted an application for graduation to the Registrar, you are eligible to participate in 2011 Commencement ceremonies.  There are two exercises.  Each is celebratory in its own way, and we encourage you to take part in both!

Our C&T department is included in the Teachers College Masters Degree Convocation 1 at 10:00 on Tuesday, May 17, in The Cathedral of St. John the Divine.  With plenty of pomp and circumstance, this ceremony is serious and inspiring.  Just being in the Cathedral is a special occasion, plus your faculty and notable speakers add to the celebration.

Then on Wednesday, May 18, from 10:30-noon, Columbia University Commencement is held. This is a centuries-old tradition in which the President of the University gives the address and recognizes graduates from all eighteen schools.  The ceremony is outside (rain or shine!) on Low Plaza, which becomes a sea of light blue. It is fun and festive with witty presentations, jumbotrons, and an acknowledgement of TC’s part in the greater University.

Tickets are required for both.  Please continue checking the Commencement website for upcoming details:

and carefully read your TC emails for more information.

Commencement is a wonderful way to celebrate your accomplishment!  Invite your families and significant others, and please do plan to attend.


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