Important C&T Department Scholarship Announcement

Dear C&T Students,
The Department of Curriculum & Teaching sent out an email with directions for applying for a Department scholarship. This message was sent out via the College listservs for each program. Unfortunately, we discovered that these listservs are not working properly, and, as a result, students in some programs were not contacted.
Given our concern that the call for scholarship applications may not have reached all students in our department, we are re-opening the call with a new deadline of Thursday Feb. 16.
All students who wish to apply for a Department scholarship for 2012-13, must complete an application. The application is available via this link:
In addition to providing the information requested on the application, please be sure to answer the supplementary question which asks you to write a brief essay describing your financial needs.
If you do not feel comfortable using this online submission form to answer the supplemental question, you may also submit your essay separately by snail mail, fax, or in person.

THE DEADLINE TO SUBMIT YOUR ESSAY IS Thursday, February 16, 2012, 11:50 PM.

The fax number is: (212) 678-3237

The office location is: 306-C, Zankel Building.

The mailing address is:

Alisha Arthur, Dir. of Academic Admin.
Dept. of Curriculum & Teaching

Box 31
525 W. 120th Street
New York, NY 10027
We apologize for any confusion or distress this may have caused, and encourage all C&T students to apply.
Marjorie, Lucy, Maria Paula, Ellen, Chantal, Mia, Jodene, and Sarah

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