Tuesday Orientation

We are looking forward to meeting new Liti students on Tuesday, September 4!   Teachers College Orientation begins at 9 am  in Lerner Hall, with a block party on 120th Street starting at 11.  The C&T department meeting will be at 12:30 in 408 Zankel followed by our program meeting at 1:15 in 140 Horace Mann.

At this important program meeting, you’ll meet the faculty, hear specifics about the program, connect with your fellow students, receive an orientation folder, and more.  Full-time students are strongly encouraged to attend.  Of course, we understand that many full-time teachers will be in their schools that day.

Additionally, the College sponsors more Orientation 2012 events all weekend.

Welcome and enjoy!


Job Postings

Even at this point, we receive notifications about last minute job openings.  If you are interested and already in the NYC DOE system, please let Ellen know.   Indicate the grade level or other specifications you have  in mind.

Classes start next week, so we’ll see you soon!

Work Study Position

Dear Students,

The Teachers College Reading and Writing Project has a work-study position available this year, 2012-13. If you are interested please go to the TC website, click on employment (student position), to apply. 
Description: This student will help coordinate the TCRWP’s link to C&T and especially to the LITI program. The student will help Prof. Calkins with her role as the faculty member in the LITI program. The TCRWP provides fieldwork, internships, conference days, mentors, job placements, etc. for LITI students. 


A busy week on campus…

Many of you are joining us for this week’s Reading Institute or next week’s Writing Institute. Welcome and enjoy!  These institutes, as well as the Content Area Institute held in July, are ideal ways to launch or continue your coursework and fulfill your in-program selectives.  I am facilitating a small group section this week and got to say hello to many of you today…if you’d like to meet or touch base about registration, just let me know.

If you have questions regarding your graduate credit assignments, contact Christy Curran or Anne Taranto or discuss in your conferences with them.

Have a dynamic and productive experience!



To find out what textbooks are required for courses, go to the TC home page, then find Quick Links on the top right under the white search space. Go down to Schedule of Classes, fourth from the bottom  Once you find your specific classes, you can click on textbook info for each one.  It’s a white oval directly under each course listing.  This will link you directly to the TC Bookstore website and show the textbook list.   You can also use whywaitforbooks.com, which connects with the bookstore for orders.  They will get your books ready for pick up.  Just be careful about ordering out of stock books as sometimes they take a really long time to come in, and you are committed to purchasing them there.

Of course, you can order your books from any supplier, such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc.  Just purchase required texts now–wait on recommended books.  Typically you will not have assignments due for the first class, but you will for the second.

If textbooks are not listed, required texts will be discussed during the first class.

The TC bookstore is now part of Columbia’s.  Look for the Columbia University Bookstore/Barnes and Noble, just by the 116th St subway stop, 2920 Broadway at West 115th.  It’s accessible through the first floor of Lerner Hall, then down the escalator.  If you are looking for sweats, hoodies, school supplies, school spirit gear, this is also the place.

Registration Tips

An easy way to browse or check courses is to use Quick Links found on the top of the TC home page.  Scroll down near the bottom of the list (lots of other helpful info here as well) to Schedule of Classes.  Then you’ll be able to use the advanced search and fill in semester, department, more if you want and find a list of classes.  Always check the information detailed there, special notes, course fees, etc.

Remember the computer automatically registers you for the minimum credits for which the course is offered.  You’ll need to change credit hours for many classes.  For example, C&T 4200 is offered for 0-6 credits, so you will initially be registered for 0 credits.  State certification requires 3 credits for this course each semester, so be sure to adjust it.  C&T 4502 should be 1 credit in fall.  Other program courses can be taken for 2 or 3 credits to offer flexibility with your total of 32, but most of these will be taken for 3 credits in fall.  Out of program selectives can be taken for 2 or 3; choose 2 if possible.  See the coursework planning sheet for confirmation.  Credit numbers can be adjusted a few weeks into the semester.

Our program courses require approval from an advisor (even section changes), but most out of program selectives do not and must be given directly by the course instructor if they do.

New Beginnings

Welcome to an (almost) new school year!  Whether you are continuing on or just launching your work, we’re glad you are part of our Literacy Specialist family.  And while we certainly want to relish every drop of August, it’s also helpful to share information as you anticipate and prepare for September studies. 

Please begin checking the blog regularly to find news and advice, updates and reminders.  

For starters, definitely make sure you are registered for all your fall classes.  Full-time students will most likely have six classes and 14-16 credits.  Part-time students typically take one or two courses at a time.  Registration began back in May and many sections are already full, so if you need advising please contact Ellen immediately.  

Tomorrow we’ll post some extra tips for checking your schedule and credits.  Full-time students will also find details of your internships soon, although placements will not be finalized until the semester begins.  

In the meantime…Happy August!  Enjoy the Olympics, back-to-school sales, and lazy summer days!