New Beginnings

Welcome to an (almost) new school year!  Whether you are continuing on or just launching your work, we’re glad you are part of our Literacy Specialist family.  And while we certainly want to relish every drop of August, it’s also helpful to share information as you anticipate and prepare for September studies. 

Please begin checking the blog regularly to find news and advice, updates and reminders.  

For starters, definitely make sure you are registered for all your fall classes.  Full-time students will most likely have six classes and 14-16 credits.  Part-time students typically take one or two courses at a time.  Registration began back in May and many sections are already full, so if you need advising please contact Ellen immediately.  

Tomorrow we’ll post some extra tips for checking your schedule and credits.  Full-time students will also find details of your internships soon, although placements will not be finalized until the semester begins.  

In the meantime…Happy August!  Enjoy the Olympics, back-to-school sales, and lazy summer days!


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