Opportunity for Paid Learning Opportunity

The Reading and Writing Project has an exciting opportunity for a select few LITI students to act as a paid coordinator with the Reading Rescue program. Reading Rescue is a program that trains paraprofessionals to provide intensive one-on-one reading intervention and works with schools all over the United States.


Selected LITI students, acting as a coordinator, will be coached and trained by Natalie Louis, a TCRWP Staff Developer, and Nora Hoover, the Reading Rescue Program Developer. Coordinators will also get a chance to practice this intervention work within their internship placements with an individual student. Then, coordinators will work with both Natalie Louis and Nora Hoover, and hold a course with paraprofessionals to train them in the Reading Rescue work. Student’s internships are a priority for LITI students, so the tutoring can happen at a school of your choice. This position will be paid at the rate of $20 per hour.


This is a wonderful learning opportunity that will help build your knowledge around early literacy skills and staff development training, plus you will get paid as you learn. This type of work will look great on resumes and give you a great knowledge base to draw from as you continue your work in literacy beyond this school year.


For a full rundown and more information contact Natalie Louis at natalielouis13@hotmail.com


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