There is a position available at PS 59, Beekman Hill International,  a strong TCRWP school housed in a state-of-the-art, sparkling new facility.

If  you are interested in a first grade assistant position (with a fantastic teacher!), please let Ellen know.  You would begin in the next week or two and continue after the break.  It would be difficult to continue as a full-time student, yet this is a great opportunity if you are not set on graduating in May.

There are also long term substitute positions open at two other wonderful schools:  PS 28 in Cobble Hill and PS 11 in Chelsea.


New Offerings for Spring Semester

In an effort to offer you more scheduling options and smaller class sizes, we are making some additions to the spring semester schedule.

1.  There will now be three sections of C&T 4139 Constructing Critical Readers:
Mia Hood will teach two sections of the course on Mondays 5:10-6:50 and Tuesdays 7:20-9 pm (the one currently on the schedule).
As you know, Lucy has arranged for TCRWP senior staff members to teach one section.  This will meet on six Fridays (Feb 1, Feb 8, Feb 22, March 8, April 5, and April 19) from 8:30-3 pm.  You must attend all of these sessions.  Small groups will be configured for at least four additional meetings; these will be during the week.
2. The three sections of C&T 4200 Fieldwork will now be on :
Tuesdays 5:10-6:50 taught by Lindsay Mann, an experienced teacher, TCRWP staff developer, and current doctoral student.
Wednesdays 5:10-6:50 taught by Katie Even, an experienced and well regarded teacher at PS 29 in Brooklyn and former staff developer who often presents at Reunions and leads institutes.
Wednesdays 7:20-9 taught by Ellen
Lindsay, Katie, and Ellen all have years of experience in literacy leadership, the focus of our spring fieldwork courses.  They will be working closely together and all three sections will be consistent in content, assignments, and expectations.
3.  An additional section of C&T 4141 Literature for Older Students.  This will be taught by Kathy Doyle on Tuesdays 5:10-6:50.
Full-time students, please reconsider your course schedule to see how the new options will work for you.
Part-time students, you now have many possibilities for back-to-back classes:
Monday, you can take 4139 and 4141 (Mia and MP)
Tuesday offers 4200 and 4139 (Lindsay and Mia) or 4141 and 4139 (Kathy and Mia)
Wednesday options include 4200 and 5037 (Katie and Marjorie) or 5037 and 4200 (MP or Jodene and Ellen)
Of course, this will mean some revisions in your schedule. However, it is still early and changes are easily made.  We are happy to offer more choices and better accommodations for your coursework plan.
Please send new approval requests to Ellen for submission, including your TC ID number.  Reach out to any of us if you have questions or concerns.