Welcome Back!

Hi, everyone, and welcome back to a bright and shiny (albeit freezing!) new semester!

We hope you enjoyed your break and feel rested and rejuvenated!
We are looking forward to seeing you again.  Classes begin tomorrow, Wednesday, January 23rd.  Monday and Tuesday classes will not begin until next week.
A few reminders that were emailed over the break:
1.  Applications for May graduation are due to the Registrar on February 1st.  To apply for May graduation (this means you will finish all coursework in May), you must pick up a form in the Registrar’s office.  Read the directions carefully, complete the green pages, and ask one of us to review and sign.  You will keep the pink sheet until completion of your MARP;  turn in the green form to the Registrar by Feb 1.  
2.  You’ll find a link for Commencement information on the TC home page.  There are two events:  the TC Commencement on Tuesday, May 21 (ours is at 9:30 am), and the Columbia University one on Wednesday.  I’ll share more information on those soon, but do plan to participate in both if you can!
If you still have one or two classes to take this summer, you may still be able to walk at Commencement by petitioning.  More info on this will also be forthcoming on the blog.
3.  Just in case….We’ve had several pleas from principals in urgent and immediate need of long term substitute teachers.  These are great positions at strong TCRWP schools.  If you are interested, please contact me.
Fulltime students may want to consider this possibility.  It would probably mean dropping a couple of classes and not finishing in May, but what an opportunity to get your foot in a school’s door!  The first grade assistant position at PS 59 is also still available.  
Specifically for full-time students: 
4.  Fieldwork placements will be finalized in the next few days.  Please leave your schedule open on Thursday in case your initial visit is planned, although many will be next week.  Plan to resume a regular fieldwork schedule the week of January 28th.
5.  Please plan to attend our fieldwork meeting on Wednesday, Jan 23rd, at 3:30, location TBD.  We will review expectations and specifics about the semester.  

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