NYCDOE Teacher Application System Launched

Hi, everyone!  This just in from the NYC DOE:


We need bright, motivated teachers who are passionate about making a difference in our schools and need your help getting the word out to your students.

With over 1.1 million students in our schools, we need educators who are ready for the challenge of preparing the nation’s largest and most diverse student population for success. And with over 1,600 schools, hundreds of community partnerships, and numerous teacher leadership programs to take advantage of, your aspiring teachers will have the freedom to customize their careers to meet their goals.


The first step in joining our teaching force of nearly 80,000 educators is to complete an Online Teacher Application, which your students can access at This application is required to be considered for 2013-2014 school year positions.


Students should pay close attention to the deadlines listed on our website. Applying early can determine eligibility for some incredibly valuable programs, including our TeachNYC Select Recruits, which offers top-tier applicants guaranteed admission to networking events with schools and one-on-one support in finding a position.


You are an important partner in ensuring that there is a great teacher in every New York City classroom, and we ask that you contribute again to this goal by encouraging your students to apply.
Thank you in advance,
Office of Teacher Recruitment and Quality
New York City Department of Education

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