Welcome to the 2013 Fall Semester!

Welcome new and returning Literacy Specialist students!  We are gearing up for a great fall.

Orientation for new students begins this weekend.  Our department and program meetings are on Tuesday, September 3rd.  These are especially important for full-time students, so please plan to attend.  And happy first official workday to many of  our full-time teachers!

TC classes begin on Wednesday, September 4.  However, given Rosh Hashanah observations, we made a program decision to begin Wednesday classes the following week. This means that Wednesday classes (all three sections of 4138 and the Wed section of 4200) will begin on Sept 11.  Please assume other classes on Wednesday and all classes on Thursday will meet as scheduled unless otherwise notified.

Announcements and info will be posted and updated daily for the next few weeks, so check back often.

We look forward to greeting you in person and anticipate a great year of learning and working together!

Tuesday, September 3

LITI meeting times & locations:

11:30-12 408 Zankel

Noon-1 pm 140 Horace Mann