Internships for Full-time Students

Full-time students, we know you are anxious to find out your fieldwork placement!  NYC schools begin on Monday, September 9, and you will launch your internship during that or the following week.  Final assignments will be made as TC classes begin.

Students are placed as interns in Teachers College Reading and Writing Project schools.  We utilize schools in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx.  Cooperating teachers are carefully selected…I like to say we look for expertise, experience, and enthusiasm!  I will soon be soliciting preferences from you regarding demographics, grade levels, locations, etc. Although we don’t take requests, we do work with you to make your fieldwork experience as valuable as possible.  There are so many considerations in placing all of our students, so we appreciate your understanding and flexibility.

Please reserve mornings beginning Tuesday, September 10th, to be available to visit your school.  On these initial visits you’ll be accompanied by a supervisor.  You’ll get to meet  the principal as well as your cooperating teacher and the students.

Internships require 12 total hours per week, broken down into three hours  for each of four days.  Because these hours occur during the literacy work (reading and writing workshops, word study, shared reading, small group reading work, other literacy instruction) and vary, you and your teacher will create your schedule.  It is often mornings Monday through Thursday, but it really does depend on the classroom schedule.

We will talk more about your internship at orientation and then have a meeting to discuss responsibilities in detail.

Take care and see you Tuesday,


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