Registration Tips and Reminders

An easy way to browse or check courses is to use Quick Links found on the top of the TC home page.  Scroll down near the bottom of the list (lots of other helpful info here as well) to Schedule of Classes.  Then you’ll be able to use the advanced search and fill in semester, department, more if you want and find a list of classes.  Always check the information detailed there, special notes, course fees, etc.  You’ll find room assignments there as well.

Remember the computer automatically registers you for the minimum credits for which the course is offered.  You’ll need to change credit hours for many classes.  For example, C&T 4200 is offered for 0-6 credits, so you will initially be registered for 0 credits.  State certification requires 3 credits for this course each semester, so be sure to adjust it.  C&T 4502 should be 1 credit in fall.  Other program courses can be taken for 2 or 3 credits to offer flexibility with your total of 32, but most of these will be taken for 3 credits in fall.  Out of program selectives can be taken for 2 or 3; choose 2 if possible.  See the coursework planning sheet for confirmation.  Credit numbers can be adjusted a few weeks into the semester.

Our program courses require approval from an advisor (even section changes), but most out of program selectives do not and must be given directly by the course instructor if they do.

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