More on graduation application

Here are some FAQs about the graduation application that you pick up and turn in to Registrar:

1.  Where do I list out-of-program electives?  

Use the top right section marked Breadth courses.  You want to include the two non-program electives AND HBSK 4072 there.  In-program electives (typically the institutes) are listed with other courses.  

2.  How many courses should I have?

Most students will have 14: 11 program and 3 out of program.  You can have more, but not less.  

Program courses include 4138, writing course, 4139, 4200 fall, 4200 spring, 5037, 4140 or 4141, 4502 fall, 4502 spring (must be listed for 0), and two institutes.  

Non-programs are HBSK 4072 and two electives.  Please refer to coursework planning sheet for more info or course numbers.  

3.  How many credits am I supposed to have?  32.  32.  32!

4.  How do I get the application signed?

Marjorie, Maria Paula, or I can sign these once complete.  The best thing is to leave it on my door at 303B Zankel.  I probably can’t sign while you wait, but will triple check, sign, and leave for you to pick up.  They are due Feb. 3 and I will not be in the office on that Monday.

5.  What’s the deal with the pink sheet?

You tear this off and hold until you finish your MARP, then your MARP instructor can sign off on it and you’ll turn it in to the Registrar.  It just indicates you have an unfinished project.

6.  What if I am not quite finished with my courses, but want to participate in graduation this May?

You have to petition to walk.  It is usually granted if you have only one course left, but there are no guarantees.  You write a letter explaining why you want to participate this May instead of the following May.  One of us also writes on your behalf.  Please contact the Registrar’s office to find out from them to whom and when these letters are due.  You do not fill out an application since you are not really graduating and receiving a diploma until October.  If I receive more information, I will pass along.

7.  How do I find out about getting tickets for graduation?

There is a link to the Commencement 2014 information on TC’s home page (right side) and here.

There are three TC ceremonies this year and the C&T one is Monday, May 19th at 2 pm!


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