Important Dates

Please note these important dates:

September 16 (Tuesday) – Last day to drop/add without penalty

September 30 (Tuesday) – Last day to change points

September 25-26 Schools closed for Rosh Hashanah

October 13 – Columbus Day, schools closed

October 18 – TCRWP Saturday Reunion

November 4 – Election Day, most schools open – check with teachers

November 11 – Veterans Day, schools closed

November 24-28 Thanksgiving week, TC closed 26-28, NYC schools closed on 27-28, internship attendance not required this week

December 8 – Registration begins for Spring (continuing students)

December 11 or 12 – last day of fall internship

December 19 – Semester ends


Happy International Literacy Day!

Did you know today is International Literacy Day?!

You may want to consider joining International Reading Association or National Council of Teachers.  They are great professional organizations, valuable for resumes, and both have reduced membership rates for students!

International Reading Association The World’s Leading Organization
of Literacy Professionals
Lift Off to Literacy
On behalf of everyone at the International Reading Association, we want to wish you a happy International Literacy Day. More than 9,000 educators have taken the pledge to engage their students in an extra 60 seconds of literacy activities—not just for one day but for 60. Have you?

After you make the pledge to participate in the 60-for-60 mission, tell us how it’s going. Share your photos, videos, and stories with us on TwitterFacebookInstagram, andYouTube. Remember to use the hashtag #ILD14 so that others can follow along as well. See how they, like you, are helping to establish a literacy habit in their students!

Won’t you join us on this mission? It begins today, International Literacy Day—a day when the world celebrates the transformative power of literacy. We hope you will, too.

Marcie Craig Post Jill Lewis-Spector
Marcie Craig Post
Executive Director
Jill Lewis-Spector
International Reading Association Facebook Twitter Pinterest Google+ LinkedIn | 800 Barksdale Road | Newark, DE 19711 | 800-336-7323 | 302-731-1600

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Registration Reminders

Hi, everyone, and good to see many of you at program orientation yesterday!

Here are some registration reminders as we begin our classes:

  • If you are a full-time student, you should be registered for six courses and probably 14-16 credits.  The only exception is if you took more than the institutes this summer or plan to finish next fall.
  • Check your credit points.  Remember online registration automatically enrolls you for the minimum course credits offered, so you often have to adjust credit hours.  C&T 4200 Fieldwork MUST be taken for 3 credits and C&T 4502 must be taken for 1 credit.  HBSK 4072 is only offered for 3 credits.  Most program courses are offered for 2 or 3 to give you flexibility.  C&T 5037 and C&T 4140 are good options for 2 credits.  You want to look ahead and make sure your total will not exceed 32.
  • Regarding non-program selectives: You can choose from any other department as well as non-program courses in C&T.   There are many options and it can be overwhelming to choose, so looking in C&T may be a good place to start. It’s always a good idea to check in with an advisor about your out of program selections.  If possible, take your out of program selectives for 2 credits each to allow more credits in your program courses. If this is not an option, you can adjust accordingly in other classes. You cannot take one credit out of program electives
  • If you took two institutes this summer for 3 credits each, that’s fine. Just adjust other course credits to be sure you will not exceed 32.
  • Last Day to Drop/Add is Tuesday, September 16
  • Last Day to Change Credits is Tuesday, September 30

Have a great first day of classes!  🙂