Tuesday Tech Tip – Digital Oral Storytelling K-2

Thanks to Stefanie, we are beginning a new series, Tuesday Tech Tip!  Look for these suggestions for using technology in your classroom every other Tuesday.

Storytelling is very important for students of all grade levels, especially our friends in K-2! Sometimes, though, kids struggle to tell stories to their fullest potential when writing them down. They have so many ideas, but writing takes a lot of time for them. Sometimes student say, “I don’t know what else to add…” and teachers say, “Well talk to me about it!” and then students tell such detailed elaborate stories. It’s important to think about and ask ourselves as teachers, “How can my students orally story tell in a way that is recorded like writing is?”

Well, one way that students can tell stories orally is by using an iPad application. There are LOTS of different iPad apps and web-based programs that allow students to orally story tell, but after exploring and trying things out in my teaching, Storybook Maker is my favorite one. It is $2.99, and there are many free ones out there, but this application in particular has features other free apps don’t. If oral storytelling is something you want to prioritize and practice, this one is worth the investment!

Click this icon for a link to Storybook Maker in the App store!


Here are 3 of many ways that K-2 teachers can use Storybook Maker in the classroom tomorrow!

1) Book Creation: This app allows for many pages, fonts, stickers, colors, photos, drawing tools, and voice recording. Students can write their own stories, draw pictures, upload pictures, and then record themselves telling the story.

2) Supporting ELLs: Students who are learning English can tell stories with images and just a few words and then they can record either in their own language, or if they are more confident in speaking English than writing it, they can do so here.

3) Anxiety-Free Shares: Many students are absolutely terrified to go up in front of the class and share their writing. Writing on Storybook Maker can allow students to share their stories in a less intimidating way. They can pass around the iPad to share, or share to a small group without having to read their work live.

Lastly, here’s a TIP:

For this app, let the students explore how to use it on their own. It’s really interesting to see what they figure out and come up with themselves.

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