Friday Book Favorites – It’s Poetry Month!

hotdogDear Hot Dog by Mordicai Gerstein

This laugh-out-loud collection appeals to young readers as it celebrates the everyday artifacts of our lives. Poems about toothbrushes, pants, and spaghetti are only a few highlights, as the non-rhyming anthology follows a day in the life of three children. The vibrant illustrations and humorous subject  matter will have readers itching to hear more!


National Geographic Book of Animal Poetry edited by J. Patrick Lewis

An incredible collection of old and new favorites that will pique the animal lover’s interest. Organized by animals’ distinguishing qualities, children can enjoy poems of all kinds and lengths as well as captivating photographs.


BookSpeak! Poems About Books by Laura Purdie Salas

A colorful variety of poems all about books! Fun, serious, and thought-provoking poems paired with unique paper cutout and collage illustrations.


Firefly July selected by Paul B. Janeczo

This collection of 36 very short poems takes readers on a beautiful journey through the four seasons. Melissa Sweet’s stunning illustrations paired with the timeless works of world-renowned poets is not something you want to miss!

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