Tweeted During the Saturday Reunion

Just a sampling of tweets from the March 28 Saturday Reunion….what a collegial, enlightening, and inspiring day!

We cried with , we laughed with , and we reminded ourselves why we love what we do!  -@ReadingTeachNC

 Children have to actually read to get better at reading. It’s the heart of reading workshop!  –@ShanerSchool

Writing to learn is a journey of thought. Use writing about reading to get kids thinking. Lucy Calkins@TCRWP  –@CherylCuddihy

gives his students business cards the 4th time they publish writing- Student Name – Writer. Love this!  –@BrightLoop

“I want students to write about what they care about” honor their work & Ss choice   -@paulemcneil

Carl Anderson – in writing, focus precedes detail  – @szymteach

reminds us it’s our job to figure out/analyze why it’s hard for our writers, bc they can’t do that for themselves.  -@sara_veltri00

Running records are gold. Tells exactly what a reader needs. Take them out of folders. Use them to guide teaching

So many great nuggets, my mind is on fire!  –@MacdonaldJaimie
Let kids get to the end of the sentence before you say anything – LET THEM SELF CORRECT AND SHOW YOU WHAT THEY KNOW!  –@kkl024

Hard work is a gift, a gift that makes you happier and allows you to grow. What makes people happy is hard work.  –@KHammondMignoli

When we talk to kids about informational text – let them know they are getting ready to “catch”info. “catchers”stance  –@kemeigh

Telling is not teaching. Brilliant inquiry based thinking with Kathleen Tolan Coach then lift the level! –@sinal_jenn

The hallways of are wall to wall teachers! Ready to learn ready to share! Thank you!! -@mayread3

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