Tech Tip #3 : This Will Change Your Life

Do you confer with readers and writers? Do you write reminders on post-its for your students after conferring with them? Do you ever use post-its on charts?  What about for vocabulary, student responses, or brainstorming ideas?  Do you ever wish you could print onto a post-it?

Good news! Printing on post-its is way easier than you might think.

Download this template: Click Here.

Here are the steps:

1) Find the template page that matches the size of your post-it and print it out.

2) On the printed template, place the post-its you would like to print on over each square.

3) Type the information you would like printed on the post-it in each box on the page you are using.

4) Place the template page with the post-its into your printer and print!  *Be sure that the sticky part of the post-it goes in to your print first to avoid paper jams!


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