Nonfiction Worth Noticing


A Nest is Noisy by Diana Hutts Aston

The newest addition to Aston’s incredible series (including An Egg is Quiet, A Seed is Sleepy, and A Rock is Lively) teaches about nests – not just bird nests,  but alligator nests, orangutan nests, bee nests, and so many more. Her poetic writing style combined with the well-researched information woven into the text and illustrations provide readers with an enjoyable, eye-opening reading learning experience.

The Girl From the Tar Paper School
by Teri Kanefield

Barbara Johns, the true instigator of the Civil Rights Movement, stood up for what she believed in, seeking a better learning environment for herself and her classmates. This book tells the story of how she led the first peaceful protest and stood her ground taking her case all the way to the Supreme Court. A powerful narrative combined with photographs, documents, advertisements, and quotes provides readers with a less-familiar lens to view this crucial time in our  nation’s history.

The Scraps Book by Lois Ehlert

In The Scraps Book, Caldecott honoree, Lois Ehlert, inspires young readers and
writers as she takes them on a journey through her life as an artist and her book-making process. Her rich illustrations full of unique collage art encourage her audience to follow their dreams and explore their inner creativity.

Egg: Nature’s Perfect Package
by Steve Jenkins and Robin Page

Dynamic husband and wife duo, Steve Jenkins and Robin Page, do not disappoint with their latest nonfiction picture book, Egg: Nature’s Perfect Package. Young readers will enter the animal kingdom and learn about the fight for survival, beginning with the egg. Engaging animal facts paired with Jenkins and Page’s signature, eye-popping collage art will have your primary students itching to learn more!