It’s time for the TCRWP Institutes!

The TCRWP Reading and Writing Institutes, along with the Content Area Institute, are summer highlights.  Some describe them as “teacher camp!” Educators come from all over the world to enhance their instructional practices and be part of the Institute experience.  Many of our new students will launch their coursework with the Institutes…and then there are graduates and participants who are attending for the 5th, 6th, 10th time!

Welcome and enjoy!  Consider these tips and tricks to make your week even better:

  • Bring a sweater, some rooms get chilly!
  • Arrive on time — you don’t want to miss a minute
  • TC is a tricky maze, so rely on your Trail Guide map and the posted direction signs to help you navigate
  • Post-its, pens/pencils, and extra paper may come in handy
  • Bring a lunch if you can to avoid long waits at local spots
  • Charge your computer during lunch so it’s ready for the afternoon
  • If you love a chart or a slide, ask to take a picture
  • Bring a phone charger
  • The keynotes are amazing — be sure to attend them all!
  • Choose your closing sessions beforehand and have backups just in case
  • Make friends and ask questions; get contact information
  • Start a booklist; you will be glad you did!

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