Happy Orientation!

Great to see so many of you at our orientation meeting today.  If you could not attend, please be sure to get your information folder.

A note about classes starting since the schedule this year is unique:

Wed and Thursday classes begin this week.  Tuesday classes begin next week on Sept. 8.  Monday classes don’t begin until Sept. 14.

Welcome and welcome back…have a wonderful start!


Eating Your Way around TC 

Appletree Market ~ deli and grocery on Amsterdam and 120

Subs Conscious ~ coffee, salads, sandwiches, soups on Amsterdam between 119 and 120

Che Bella Pizza ~ pizza, subs, pasta on Amsterdam between 119 and 120

Flat Top Bistro & Cafe ~ Amsterdam at 121

Kitchenette ~ comfort food…chicken and waffles, chili, great breakfast- Amsterdam between 122 and 123

Amsterdam Restaurant and Tapas Lounge ~ 1207 Amsterdam between 119 and 120

Panini D’Parma ~ Italian deli Amsterdam between 120 and 121

Ajanta ~ Indian on Amsterdam between 120th and 121st

Massawa ~ Ethiopian on Amsterdam at 121st

Nikko ~ Asian Fusion & Hibachi grill, great sushi on Amsterdam at 123

Max Soha ~ Italian on Amsterdam at 123rd

Kuro Kuma Espresso & Coffee (plus pastries!) ~ Broadway between 124 and 125

And my favorite…Pisticci located at 125 La Salle St (124th) just west of Bway

Lots, lots more south of Columbia stop and north of 125th…explore and enjoy!

A Literacy Specialist Perk: Becoming a TCRWP Fellow

As part of the program, you have the opportunity to become a Fellow for the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project. Fellows are required to attend a certain number of Calendar Days (one day conferences/professional development by well-known authors or speakers) to help with registration and assist presenters when needed. There are a wide variety of options for Calendar Days and you would be able to choose ones that apply to your interests and practice. As a Fellow you also help at the Saturday Reunions held twice a year. It’s a great way to get involved in the Project’s work and expand your graduate school experience!

More information about becoming a Fellow and a sign up will be available at orientation.

Counting down to the FIRST DAY of SCHOOL!

We hope you are making the most of these last summer days!

Orientation for new students is next Monday, August 31st.

Check out the link for more information:  http://www.tc.columbia.edu/student-activities/orientation/welcome/

Our Curriculum & Teaching department meeting will be at 1 pm in 408 Zankel, followed by our Literacy Specialist program meeting 1:30-2:30 in 418 Zankel.  You’ll have a chance to meet all faculty as well as other students.  All of you are registered, but if you have questions there will be opportunity for advisement.

Please make sure you have sent your information sheets to Ellen.  You’ll also want to get your TC ID and check the new student info for other necessaries.  Classes begin on Wednesday, September 2. Monday classes will not begin until September 14 due to the Labor Day holiday.
We can’t wait to see you and begin our semester!

Out of Program Electives

To satisfy TC’s depth and breadth requirement, you must take two out-of-program (or non-program) electives.  These CAN be in the C&T department, but CANNOT be offered by our program or program faculty.  One must be literacy related.

So many choices!  Our advice is to begin browsing in C&T, but also consider what other departments might interest you or ways you would like to round out your academic experience.  Non-program electives must be 2 or 3 credits each — go for 2 if possible to allow more credits in your program courses.  Feel free to reach out to the instructor to gain more info about the course and assignments; think of yourself as a consumer and get the most for your time and dollars.

Here are some options for the fall.  They are not necessarily recommendations, but rather suggestions.  It’s always a good idea to run the course number and title by one of us to check.

Course Name Time Credits CRN
C&T 4001: Differentiating Instruction in Inclusion Classrooms Monday 7:20-9pm






C&T 4004: School Change Wednesday 7:20-9pm 3 30064
C&T 4010: Immigration and Curriculum Wednesday 7:20-9pm 2 or 3 31992
C&T 4021: Nature and Needs of Gifted Students Tuesday 3-4:40pm 2 or 3 30806
C&T 4615: Young Children and Social Policy: Issues and Problems Monday 5:10-6:50pm 2 or 3 31919
ITSF 4011:

Social Context of Education

Wednesday 3-4:40pm 3 32043
MSTM 4019: Mathematics Teaching and Learning Thursday, 7:20-9pm 3 30791
A&HA 4078: Art for Classroom Teachers Wednesday, 4:10-6:40pm 2 or 3 30518
A&HA 5082: Philosophies of Art Education Thursday, 7:20-9pm 2 or 3 30721
A&HB 4020: Foundations of Bilingual Sp. Ed. Wednesday, 5:10-6:50pm 3 31986
A&HF 4094: School and Society Wednesday, 5:10-6:50pm 2 or 3 31923
A&HH 4070: History of Education in the US Thursday, 5:10-


3 32014
A&HL 4000: Introduction to Linguistics Wednesday, 7:20-9pm 3 30950
A&HW 4036: The Teaching of Social Studies Wednesday, 3-4:40pm 3 31318