Out of Program Electives

To satisfy TC’s depth and breadth requirement, you must take two out-of-program (or non-program) electives.  These CAN be in the C&T department, but CANNOT be offered by our program or program faculty.  One must be literacy related.

So many choices!  Our advice is to begin browsing in C&T, but also consider what other departments might interest you or ways you would like to round out your academic experience.  Non-program electives must be 2 or 3 credits each — go for 2 if possible to allow more credits in your program courses.  Feel free to reach out to the instructor to gain more info about the course and assignments; think of yourself as a consumer and get the most for your time and dollars.

Here are some options for the fall.  They are not necessarily recommendations, but rather suggestions.  It’s always a good idea to run the course number and title by one of us to check.

Course Name Time Credits CRN
C&T 4001: Differentiating Instruction in Inclusion Classrooms Monday 7:20-9pm






C&T 4004: School Change Wednesday 7:20-9pm 3 30064
C&T 4010: Immigration and Curriculum Wednesday 7:20-9pm 2 or 3 31992
C&T 4021: Nature and Needs of Gifted Students Tuesday 3-4:40pm 2 or 3 30806
C&T 4615: Young Children and Social Policy: Issues and Problems Monday 5:10-6:50pm 2 or 3 31919
ITSF 4011:

Social Context of Education

Wednesday 3-4:40pm 3 32043
MSTM 4019: Mathematics Teaching and Learning Thursday, 7:20-9pm 3 30791
A&HA 4078: Art for Classroom Teachers Wednesday, 4:10-6:40pm 2 or 3 30518
A&HA 5082: Philosophies of Art Education Thursday, 7:20-9pm 2 or 3 30721
A&HB 4020: Foundations of Bilingual Sp. Ed. Wednesday, 5:10-6:50pm 3 31986
A&HF 4094: School and Society Wednesday, 5:10-6:50pm 2 or 3 31923
A&HH 4070: History of Education in the US Thursday, 5:10-


3 32014
A&HL 4000: Introduction to Linguistics Wednesday, 7:20-9pm 3 30950
A&HW 4036: The Teaching of Social Studies Wednesday, 3-4:40pm 3 31318

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