Tech Talk: Digital Storytelling

Having trouble keeping up with all of the 21st century technology? LITI student Bethany offered to share a few tools to help you stay up-to-date with integrating technology into your literacy curriculum! We’ll begin with digital storytelling.

The Power of Digital Storytelling:

Digital tools make it possible for students to construct multidimensional stories that are conveyed through a combination of hyperlinked, multidimensional words, images, motions, and sounds. In digital storytelling students are expected to use writing to construct a story. They are then asked to communicate their ideas and stories to engage the audience through speech, visuals, and/or music. Using technology to create stories keeps students motivated and engaged. Some great websites to use for digital storytelling are:

 Storybird: Storybird provides students with the option of choosing to create a picture book, Longform eBook, or a piece of poetry. Picture books are great for short, visual stories. Students get the choice to write the story and then find images to match or they can create stories based off the images as a source of inspiration. Longform books are a helpful way for students to practice the craft of story, plot, and character development in a chapter book. Students can work on their poetry and match beautiful illustrations to their words.

 Little Bird Tales: Little Bird Tales is intended for younger children and is a place where students can use their imaginations to create stories. Each page can be filled with artwork, student’s voices, and text. Students can draw their own images or upload ones they already have. Little Bird Tales is a way for students to write/type out their own stories and then have the opportunity to share and narrate them.

GoAnimate: GoAnimate is a way for students to creatively tell stories mainly through animation and narration. They may put short phrases into the video, but the rest of the storytelling is done through animations and the student’s voice. It would be important for the students to prepare a written piece first, so that they know what their story is about, what kinds of visuals they would need, and what they would say.


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