Making It Official – A Road Map to Certification


This is a heavy hitter, but so important. If you need NY certification, start at the beginning. If you already have that and are ready to add your Literacy certification, scroll down. Remember the Office of Teacher Education can be a terrific resource for you. Visit them on the 4th floor of Zankel Hall.

Profuse thanks to Alicia for putting this together for us!!!

It’s the time of the year to start thinking about certification! If you’re like me (Alicia) this seems like a daunting process to navigate. In this post you can find some information and helpful links about getting certified in childhood/early childhood education and in literacy.

Childhood/Early Childhood Education

If you got certified in a different state, you need to transfer your certification to New York State. On the following website you can find the different pathways and requirements to get your NYS certification.

For most people, the requirements are the following:

Following is some information on the requirements.

Certification Tests

This is the link where you sign up for the three tests. You need to create an account and sign up for the tests. You will get a confirmation email shortly after to set up a testing center and time.

There are different review books, but this one has a review and practice tests for all the required tests and is only $16!


The edTPA is a practical assessment with different sections called tasks. It is a lengthy process and you need to videotape yourself teaching, so if you want to get certified before the end of the semester and have access to a classroom now would be a good time to start. This is the website where you submit the test.

To get resources like the edTPA handbooks head up to the Office of Teacher Education in the 4th floor of Zankel. There is a file on Moodle with all the resources. They can add you to it so you will get access to all the materials.


The certification workshops are offered at TC. This is the link to find them and sign up for them.


To get fingerprinted you need to create an account on this site and set up an appointment to go to one of their centers.

Literacy Education

Since the literacy certification is an extension, you cannot get your literacy certification until you have your childhood or early childhood certification. Here are the requirements for the literacy certification:

With the completion of the childhood/early childhood certification you should have already taken the ALST and EAS, DASA workshop, and fingerprint clearance. Therefore, the additional things to do are taking the Literacy CST test, Literacy Specialist edTPA, and getting institutional recommendation. Refer to the links above to sign up for the CST and edTPA and refer to the following website for information on institutional recommendation:

Good luck with the process!